Blogging vs. Vlogging

I recently fell down the rabbit hole of youtube that carried me away to Booktube. I have to give kudos and thumbs up on these videos because wow, they’re good. I had already been subscribed to a couple of book channels, but like any trip to Wonderland, I found so, much, more! Aaaaand then I got to thinking about what my goal is with this blog. Obviously, it’s to review and recommend books.

I cannot get in front of a camera and say the things I want to say. I’ve tried, and though no one complained about the quality, I could see it wasn’t put together as strong as other videos. Sometimes I need time to walk away and let my brain roll around in its thoughts. A side effect of bring a writer, I suppose. And it didn’t ever work out in front of a camera. I’m extremely self-conscious and have a low self-esteem.

I also can’t figure out video editing software to save my life. So editing out all the ums and ehs was impossible. Even if I did get someone to teach me, knowledge leaks out like water from a cracked bowl.

Videos also seem much more complicated than blog posts. At least with an entry, I can come back and edit until I am sure the content I am supplying is my very best. A video feels etched in stone. I’d have to make sure I speak and enunciated clearly, know the correct way to say the author’s name, the characters’ names, any cleverly creative place names or titles.

GAHHH! Just gives me anxiety thinking about it!


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