Online or In Store?

Oh boy, the debate that renders me immobile every time. I try not to make a big deal out of this. Typically. But I’ve been meaning to get myself a couple new books, finish some series, and I always end up at this debate. I’m not even sure why this bothers me as much as it does (but I can’t be the only one). I feel I need a proper pros and cons list to help me. And I thought, why not share it? After all, sharing is caring, right? Right?!


Right. To keep it simple, I’ll only list five for each pros and cons.

First, we’ll start with online book shopping.

1. Cheaper! Yay!
2. Older titles available
3. Shopping around- barns and noble, amazon, book outlet, book depository
4. Pre-ordering is so much easier
5. No pants needed!  😀

1. It says new, but it looks drop kicked by Chuck Norris.
2. It’s not delivery- oh wait, it is…
3. Shipping prices. 😦
4. Shipping delays, more 😦
5. Rabbit hole of the internet

These are obviously my own opinions, and by no means do these apply to anyone else. That being said, let us now move to the in store shopping.

In Store
1. Immediate gratification 🙂
2. Can inspect before purchasing
3. No shipping costs
4. Browsing
5. Making friends

1. Much higher price
2. Might be out of stock 😥
3. Only newer releases
4. Can be tempting to pick up more than what you came to get.
5. We just put pants on for this. Ugh. 😡

Also, one month until I turn 26. Are quarter-life crises a thing?



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