Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey, and you can find her over on Youtube as Gingerreadslainey. The goodreads group is open to the public, so come join in on the fun! The following are rules or guidelines that she gives on said group.

1. T5W is open for ANY type of book reviewer (youtube, blogs, instagram, tumblr, etc.)

2. The official hashtag for Top 5 Wednesday is: #T5W, but other alternates is definitely fine.

3. When uploading your video/updating your blog etc, if you can, it would be super helpful if you linked this Goodread’s group. That way potential T5W-ers will be able to find the group easily if they are interested in joining!

4. It is OK to skip a week if you can’t think of any or don’t like the topic. I always get questions about people not knowing what to do because a topic is difficult. Just skip it and join in the following week 🙂

5. Speaking of topics, and while I really don’t have control over this, but really try not to twist the topic to your own liking. I just say this because in the past I’ve seen some topics changed to the poster’s liking only to see that “twisted” topic end up being a topic in the following months. I’m just looking out for you all!

6. Topics for the following month are posted the last Wednesday of the current month.

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