Book Reviews Scoring

Title:  (Title of the Book I read)
Author: (Person/s who wrote said book)
Synopsis: (Normally what is on Goodreads)

a.) Characters: ___/5 score.  (How real the characters are, how believable their actions seem, their attitudes, their responsibilities, their achievements, etc.  It all goes here, in a group of all character in the book.  So having one bad character out of ten good ones can lower the score, depending on how good the others are.)


b.) Plot: ___/5 score.  (Again, how real the plot is OR how real the fantasy is, depending on the story.  Descriptions of the environment, the struggles, the tasks, etc.  The more logic behind something makes it more believable.  However, this can also be tricky, because this also gets points from the way the story line progresses, if it is smooth or choppy.)


c.) Writing style: ___/5 score.  (Overall descriptions of characters, places, tasks, etc. and how well the author uses description in the story.  Creative telling, showing, and displays are looked at, as well as general usage of descriptive words.  There are many ways to give life to a story and it’s all in the writing.)


Rating: ___/15 total.  (This is the total, as you can see, of the entire score added up.  This is what determines the total stars received, as seen below.)


Star System:
13-15 score = 5 Stars
10-12 score = 4 Stars
7-9 score = 3 Stars
4-6 score = 2 Stars
1-3 score = 1 Stars
No score = No Stars


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